Little Harbor Fishing Club is signing up fishermen for the '17 fishing season.  This year we will have three sessions to choose from.    

Session 1 - Monday, June 26 - Thursday, June 29 - 2PM - 4PM 

Session 2 - Monday, July 17 - Thursday, July 20 - 2PM - 4PM

Session 3 - Monday, July 24 - Thursday, July 27 - 2PM - 4PM

Private lessons available schedule permitting - call for details(682) 309-0835



Rogan Crumley.  I am fourteen years old and live in Fort Worth, Texas.  I am lucky enough that I get to spend the summers in Cohasset.  I have always been interested in fishing and have been catching Stripers in Little Harbor since I was a kid.


About Me

Three Sessions To Chose From


A four day club for kids who want to learn how to fish or get better at catching "The Keepers."

Conducted by Rogan Crumley

Little Harbor Fishing Club - LHFC
Where Cohasset Kids Learn To Fish

What You Will Learn

Equipment - What are the best type of rods and reels to use.  

Fish - Which fish are around and how to catch them.

Hooks - Which hooks to use depending upon conditions and what fish you are trying to catch.

Knot tying - How to tie the proper knots and how to untangle them.

Bait - Which bait to use that fish like.

Casting - How to cast

Conditions - Where and when the big ones are biting.