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Rogan Crumley:

Hi!  I was born in Boston and moved to Cohasset when I was young.  I now live in Fort Worth, Texas but am lucky enough that I get to spend the summers in Cohasset.  

Fishing is my favorite sport but I also like sports like lacrosse and football.  I get to be a fan of both the Boston Teams and the Dallas Teams.  I have a little sister, two younger brothers and a big dog named Mr. Bumble

Ever since I was little I have loved to fish.  My father and grandfather are both fishermen.  I started fishing off of Cunningham Bridge and started making friends with people who really knew how to catch fish.  I learned how to fish by listening to them and by hours and hours of fishing. 

Over the years I noticed how many people don't take the time to learn all the details of fishing.  They give fishing a try, never catch anything, then quit.    This year I decided it would be fun to teach kids how to fish.  The best way to do that is to fish with them.  I will only take four kids at a time and just have three sessions over the summer, so if you are interested please sign up.  I know we will have fun and will catch some fish!







What rods and reels to use.

​How to tie knots.

​How to cast.

Bait & Hooks

You'll learn which bait is the best to use and how to tie a hook and bait it without getting hurt...

Little HarborFishing Club - LHFC

​Where Cohasset Kids Learn To Fish

The Best Spots

​You'll learn the best places to fish, what times are the best and how the tides can help you.